Fortnite Under Test - The New Battle Royale King

More than just a clone: ​​In Fortnite Battle Royale are creative game mechanics that turn the shooter genre on its head.

The storm reduces the game world every few minutes.  If we stand in it, we take damage, which increases in the course of the game.

Fortnite is now in the new season. High time for a test.

Brothers are sometimes mean. Since they have laboriously and with a lot of love a building block tower built and then the sibling just breaks the! What can I say? I just could not resist. And even 20 years later, my finger itches when I see in front of me in Fortnite the buildings of other players.


In the meantime, of course, I am much more mature and grown-up ... - oh, hell! With the grenade launcher I break up the bottom walls, the tower crashes and my opponent crashes into his death. Still funny.

What do the towers now have to do with Fortnite? Well, it's simply the main game mechanic of the Battle Royale shooter. Here survives not who shoots first, but who builds the fastest and most skillful and outmaneuvers the opponent so. In the test we clarify how well this construction aspect harmonizes with the remaining elements of the game and why Fortnite in our opinion is currently the best Battle Royale shooter on the market.

Battle Royale 101

Short for classification: Fortnite consists of two game modes. The older one is called "Save the World" and is a PvE shooter, in which you mow down zombies as a team of four. Fortnite Battle Royale is the younger and more successful part this test is about. So when we write about Fortnite we always mean Fortnite Battle Royale .

The game was born around half a year ago in response to the great Battle Royale hype the light of day. Triggered the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds . No wonder that the basic gameplay in Fortnite is the same.

The storm reduces the game world every few minutes. If we stand in it, we take damage, which increases in the course of the game.

With up to 99 other players, you sail on an island at the beginning of the game. Where exactly you land is up to you. In larger areas there is more loot, but also a higher chance of meeting hostile players. And if they catch you, that's it. There are no extra lives and respawns, the last survivor wins the match . In order for the players to find themselves, a storm further restricts the playing field.

Rarer always goes

So far, so well known. Apart from this basic concept, Fortnite goes its own way. For example, in the case of weapons: they could have sprung straight out of a role play, at least when it comes to their classification. Pistols, rifles and shotguns have different degrees of rarity . Gray are ordinary objects, followed by green, blue, purple and orange.

Rarer weapons not only have more stunts but are also more precise. The rarities provide clarity and at the same time stir up your collecting anger . I already have a rare assault rifle? But around the next corner could already be a legendary waiting for me!

In general, the guns behave quite arcadic. At a great distance you have to control the recoil and calculate Bullet Drop, but apart from that the weapons are easy to handle. Shotgun duels, for example, skip most.

By the way, weapon attachments such as riflescopes do not exist. Micro-management as in PUBG you will be spared, which ensures a better flow of the game. Instead, they are directly integrated with some weapons through the use of V Bucks hack So you have to think in advance which ratchet you will use the most in the upcoming situations. This is even more exciting because in your inventory next to the pickaxe a maximum of five other items fit.